Monday, August 25, 2014

The accident report adapts to new technology – Les Echos

The accident report has revolutionized auto insurance.
Its digital version is about to be available in France.

Everyone in a car accident. It is a blue print that often behind in the glove box. The accident report, invented in 1964, was a milestone.

The idea of ​​the situation is quite simple. When an accident occurs, key stakeholders agree on an account of the incident, tick boxes and even draw sketches explanatory. Insurance indemnifying their insured in stride in relation to the finding. Disputes between conductors (insurance against insurance) are set thereafter. How is this happening before? “It was archaic,” meets Vandier Jacques, former president of Macif and one of the main architects of the accident report. After each car accident, a bailiff was an initial assessment, and then proceeded to each insurance expertise, and competed against in-expertise …

Disputes between insurance often ended in trial “sometimes for 200 francs,” remembers the insurer. And meanwhile, the insured received no compensation.

Include photos

The concept of direct compensation to policyholders dated 1965 but it took until 1969 it enters into force. Whose fault is it? “In the big bosses,” says Jacques Vandier. “It was under the threat of nationalization of auto insurance in 1968 they eventually folded. “ The idea was so appealing that the accident report was adopted by many European countries.

The digital version of the blue paper will be inaugurated by the end of 2014 in France. The Hexagon will be the second country after the Netherlands to offer this kind of services. Specifically, it will allow two people to complete on a smartphone the front of the statement partially pre-filled with the data of the insured, to incorporate photos and send directly to the finding insurance. What further reduce processing time records.

E. Gz, Les Echos

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