Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paint, new technologies … the nine schools in three … – La Voix du Nord

Preschool Jacques-Prévert.- “ Two niceties ,” as Pierre Laigle said. The front, side street Conceptionists, was repainted last year, this summer it was the turn of the walls of the courtyard 40 m2 of wall painting for about 7000 euros of equipment, which includes the leasing of aerial device the paint but not the labor. A new fence for the garden was installed in the courtyard for an amount of € 2,000. All the work was done by the city engineer.

Preschool Paul Bert.- “ To further modernize schools ,” explains François Decoster, two projectors were emerged in two classes of EC1 and EC2. These VPI (Interactive Projectors Ultra Short Throw) allow teachers to project an image from a computer on the table. A projection that transforms whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. This projector system is significantly less expensive than the interactive whiteboard. Each tool costs 1,800 euros, also installed here by municipal employees.

Preschool Charles Perrault.- “ Work in line with what has been done there a few years , “said Pierre Laigle about the change of boilers. Two new condensing boilers replace more aging. They will be in service by September 15, a young heating engineer was recruited specifically to deal with.

They were designed for the comfort of persons running the canteen “indiquePierre Laigle before the new cupboards, cabinets, sink and faucet sensing system replacing the old pedal. The work is almost complete; service employees occupying that room starting today. This part of the work was 3 000, again without counting labor technical service.

Over the summer, six schools in total have benefited from work. Schools Ferdinand Buisson and Condorcet benefited from new stores and Michelet, we took advantage of the break to undertake remediation.


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