Thursday, August 28, 2014

HitchBot know, the robot hitchhiker? Peanuts yes-News – The Digital World

HitchBot: This is the photo of the day on the blog www.peanuts held by Mary, just as recent collaborator on The Digital World. Robot hitchhiker whose mission was across Canada, HitchBot has he fulfilled his goal?

The new blog Peanuts-News invites you to discover the latest high-tech innovations, new industry players, events and the latest news Geek.
Daily, new posts help you to dissect the news about technology and allows you to understand a changing environment. The categories of articles are quite varied and cater to a wide audience: news, astronomy, high-tech / geek events, innovations, video games, actor and picture of the day which includes HitchBot strategy. Concerning him, Mary teaches us that it’s finally arrived safely. He has managed to cross Canada from east to west moving exclusively by hitchhiking and through thoughtful motorists since they have not damaged … (read more)

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