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The new technologies of agriculture attract vacationers … – mon43

Agriculture is probably the oldest profession in the world. But today, it is the farmers who are the most advanced high technology. The innovations used by existing farmers maximize their returns through a wide range of the latest technology. In the field of milking cows and feeding cattle, it seems very far when farmers were performing all tasks manually. It is this business model that tourist office Portes d’Auvergne allows to highlight the Sacatz Your program.

Microchip from birth

Friday, August 8, twenty people came to discover the facilities of Gaec Calards located on the site of Bertaud. The farm produces forages and grains, some of which feed into 75 dairy cows, bulls kept until the age of 2 years and heifers for young females that will ensure the reproduction of livestock. With an electronic chip attached to the ear from birth, the animals are identified for life. And this signature is recognized by the robot that provides milking on demand. In any case, the milk is measured and analyzed. “All of its features, but also the performance of each animal’s health history as that of births and dosage of the diet enter a database accessible at any time data,” said Beatrice Duplomb. End of the visit, all visitors admitted that they were impressed by the good time spent in contact with what are now the tools of production, essential for our modern agriculture.

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