Monday, August 25, 2014

New Technologies: What impact of the Internet on children? – Web NTIC

The Internet has not only advantages on children, possible dangers lurking this category of the population, including the licentious sites if adults do not arm themselves to greater vigilance, the advice from experts in information technology and communication and health professionals. Experts warn against the negative impact of “harmful content” on the Internet, on society in general, but especially on the child, in the absence of filters, the child is the weakest link, the most ingenuous and purest of society.

The consultant in information technology, Younes Grar says that the Internet represents for children as for adults, both advantages and disadvantages and it imperative to use to “wisely”. Some Internet data may have “adverse” impact on the psychological and educational development of the child, he has warned, citing the influence of “immoral” sites on the emotional and relational balance of child. He also referred to the emergence of electronic sites for children, seemingly playful, and are in fact sites diversion and child kidnapping. To minimize the risks associated with the Internet, ICT consultant proposed technical solutions towards the licentious eContent providers, encouraging them to indicate on their websites notification “adult”. For more vigilant, the specialist recommends solutions more ‘radical’, consisting of installing software in browsers to block access to websites “corrupt” and “immoral.”

Means of “more sophisticated” filtering can also be seen as blocking, for example, access to “harmful” information for the child, at the source, ie said, from suppliers “Internet”. In the same vein, Mr. Grar recalled the launch of a project to protect children from the dangers of the Internet, the Ministry of Post and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Ministry of education and partnership with Algeria Post and Associations child protection. This project involves the establishment of a charter for the protection of children “violent” net exposures and each administration will handle the part assigned to him.

The head of department of paediatrics Lamine-Debaghine hospital, Prof. Abdennour Laraba warns, for its part, against the anti-educational impact of the bans on child education and advocates the use of communication between parents and their children. Some sites “carry a picture of the wrong gender relationships which affects the emotional and emotional development of the child,” said he warned. Parents and educators must deal with children and adolescents topics related to sexuality, pedophilia and kidnapping and explain their conduct and behavior to do in case of attempted moral or physical abuse, according to the professor. For its part, the clinical psychologist, Nafisa Benbouzid stressed that the internet could become adductive in children who can no longer concentrate on his studies. To overcome the inconvenience of the net, the clinician suggested limiting connection times for children and monitor them during computer use

. Source: Maghreb 24-08 -2014


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