Friday, August 29, 2014

Sony introduces two new technologies –

While Sony has started investing heavily in virtual reality with its Project Morpheus, he does not forget the technology of augmented reality


The Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku 2014 will be held this Saturday, August 30 Sony Computer, being one of the most important event of Osaka in Japan sponsors, will armful. Indeed, on this occasion they will present the new technology of augmented reality has been called “ PS4 Dynamic Lighting .”

Simply put, this new technology handles light sources real on the 3D models that appear in your living room (on the screen). And this in order to correct one of the recurring defects Augmented Reality already available on the console, namely the “detachment” between real and virtual images. This will make the almost perfect effect.

The Japanese console manufacturer to sell 10 million PS4 in 9 months, sony, will also come with a technical demo for PS Vita. The “VitaHoloPop” would create holographic images in a transparent box.

Do not forget that the second Hatsune Miku game on PS Vita will be presented at this event and it will be part of presentations Sony. Also a limited edition console will come out for the occasion.


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