Monday, August 4, 2014

New technologies for seniors – Ecommerce Magazine

                 New technologies for seniors

when a house connected to the well-being of seniors? Probably soon feel the French. If one believes the digital barometer BVA-Synthec done for 20 Minutes *, respondents show some interest connected objects for seniors . Not less than 61% of the French declared themselves ready to use the remote monitoring services (patch falls prevention, emergency call terminal …), 58% for communication services (connected TV, tablet simplified …) 47% Using Custom autonomy (thermostat connected, automated control of shutters …) and 40% diagnostic tools remote or automated (sphygmomanometer Wi-Fi diagnostic device Parkinson’s disease. ..).

In what objectives? To report a problem more quickly (65%), reassure seniors or their families (56%), improve comfort and quality of life of older people (46%).

For what purpose? V ere the top 4 “connected objects”:

1 – n U Bracelet to alert in case of fall, malaise, anxiety ? …

2 – A system Warning in case of disturbing behavior of a person equipped (prolonged absence, without opening the refrigerator, etc..)

3 – pill that sends information (pharmacist, doctor, a person in charge) on normal consumption or not drugs. ?

4 – webcam which ensures a visual surveillance (with consent of the person).

* Survey conducted among a sample of French recruited by telephone and interviewed by Internet on 3 and 4 April 2014.


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