Sunday, August 31, 2014

New technologies studied at St. Pompey – West France

The Director, Anne Le Méner waits sixty students Tuesday, including 26 in the nursery will be supported by Josée David and Anne -Sophie Perruchon on the theme means of locomotion. “We will start with the very large fire engines, then we take the train by the end of the school year,” says Josée David, who will also assist with Emmanuelle Guernion for CP -CE, director taking responsibility for CM.

“We have a new school project for the next 3 years, on the development of new technologies and their use in everyday life” says Anne Le Méner, with roll over sports (swimming, table tennis), the choir school choir, the show season, relaunch the blog of the school, develop contacts with other schools, including St. Joseph in Fleix (Vienna). “The work of the school are being completed for the yard and the new hall traction. It remains to review the closure and rebitumer court “ says the director, who can be reached at 02 96 91 37 27 for all new registrations.


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