Monday, August 4, 2014

Quebecers increasingly connected and equipped with new … – Journal Of Canada

NETendances new survey published by the Centre to facilitate research and innovation in organizations (CEFRIO) held by telephone with 1,003 people, showed that Quebecers were more connected and more updated when it comes to new technologies

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According to figures released after the investigation, a palpable increase occurred during the last decade regarding Internet connections at home Québécois, an increase of 39% from 56% in 2004 to 85% in 2014. Regarding new technologies, more homes align with the new trends and it was noted that this year nearly 50% of households have opted to purchase digital tablet against 26% last year.

For smartphones, the figures rose from 41.8% last year to 53.3% this year. With these devices, Quebecers connect increasingly to the Internet and connection times have increased from an average of five hours per week at 7:00. According to information from QMI Agency

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