Sunday, March 30, 2014

Israeli initiate blind to new technologies! - Tel Avivre

If we are to believe the figures from the World Health Organization, the world would count 39 million blind. With the visually impaired, it reached 285 million people.


For this segment of the population, the” smartphone “indispensable to our daily lives today remains a mystery.

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In 2012, the Israeli company Project Ray, had embarked on the creation of a smartphone for the visually impaired. Since then, time has passed, and now the company has released a range of applications, specially designed for the visually impaired. Among these applications, a navigation service for transportation and application of audio playback and that a system that allows the visually impaired to navigate through the phone, so easy access to the main functions of the phone.

So how does it work?

When you touch the screen, the menu will automatically snap to any point or the user is in contact, so that it can properly orient its finger on the screen. Each movement of the finger on the screen, is associated a phone function, giving the possibility to the user to make calls, send messages, access the internet, and even identify signs with converters . voice image

The CEO of the Company said: “Many of them do not have financial stability and are dependent on public assistance, a situation that pushes us to create quality products at affordable prices. ” He continues: “The sale of the device is exempt from taxes, and subsidized by the authorities to help the visually impaired.” On the other hand, one of the applications of the phone, allows users to access a huge library of audio magazines, books and newspapers, updated automatically by the phone.

Another application provides a voice guide that gives real-time information needed to guide using public transport. Zilberman wants to go further by creating an application that can read any signals or texts, using the built-in phone camera.

For Zilberman, Ray Project is a way to support the blind in their quest for independence, in order to give them a support team within the RAY project on which they can rely.

by Elsa Benaiche Tel-Avivre –

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