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Springer is having with fake computer studies nickname ... - IDBOOX

1 March 2014 Elizabeth Sutton
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IDBOOX-Ebooks-Springer Springer is a leading international fame. It publishes books and journals and digital paper certified and validated by leading researchers. Yet, Springer Verlag was rolled in flour. The editor admitted 16 studies published entirely bogus.
We are entitled to ask whether this statement is true, because the publisher publishes hundreds of thousands of documents and all can not be verified.
class=”c4″> German publisher told AFP: “We are currently in the process of removing all items as soon as possible [...] because it is a

tissue of absurdities “indicating that an investigation is underway to understand what happened.

It seems that the program called SCIgen product in a single click littered with technical terms studies, charts, quotes, references and annotations, to rival a PhD student. At first glance, one can believe in the veracity. But now everything is fake! class=”c4″> Fortunately, the vigilance of a French computer scientist Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble has given warning.
class=”c4″> Now the question is, how the scientific editorial board of Springer could validate such documents, emitting no reservation in giving the final GO for publication … class=”c4″> Springer is a major publisher in the field of science and technology, more than 52,000 ebooks were published, the back catalog is immense …
class=”c7″> Read more articles on Springer

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