Friday, February 28, 2014

Google Ara 2015 - Digital Age

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itemprop=”description”> Selling Lenovo Motorola, Google has retained some fruit from the tree, starting with the Advanced Technology & Projects branch (ATAP) and the Ara project under development. Google and aims to commercialize Ara 2015 at a price of about $ 50, which should put within the reach of a majority of scholarships. However, at this price, it will not matter a smartphone in the first sense of time since in the absence of a cellular connection, Ara would propose that the WiFi. What interest some say? The aim is to provide a modular device that everyone can complete or improve as needed. The idea may have its charm, except that the inclinations of prospective buyers may face a major challenge, namely (precisely) the size of the device in question which is not infinitely expandable.

To overcome what could be a problem, Google announced three models of varying sizes (mini smartphone to phablette) for a thickness not exceeding 10mm. But things remain to be defined more clearly because Google could also focus on 3D printing. In short there are good and less good in everything, but we will wait to know more before deciding, Google to give more details in mid-April.


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