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Mark Zuckerberg will celebrate its 30th anniversary on May 14. Already worth more than $ 30 billion. With the surge of Facebook share its founder is now the eighth richest person in the world, and the youngest in the top 150. But more than the number of zeros on his bank account, is its transformation over the past decade that fascinates.

>> For the transformation of Facebook is here in pictures

2004-2006: Beginnings arrogant

inception in 2003-2004, are those of a brilliant teenager arrogant. At Harvard, he first creates during an afternoon watered, the site Facemash, the concept of “hot or not” comparing face to face two photos of students. It hacke passage servers University to recover the images. The genesis of Facebook is associated with several stab wounds in the back, particularly those Winklevoss twins and his roommate, Eduardo Saverin. His title on his first cards? “I’m CEO, bitch.”

2007-2011: serious phase and awkward

hiring a babysitter, Sheryl Sanbderg as Director of Operations. While Facebook Myspace beyond mid-2008, with 120 million members, Zuckerberg Trucks Adidas flip-flops for Nike sneakers and tie he wears to the office every day for a year in 2009. In interview, he is constantly on the defensive, especially after the class action against Beacon, an advertising service that users spy on other sites, Facebook finally closed. “There must be pubs, one way or another, because you have to earn money,” he justifies on CBS. In 2010, past the grill on privacy issues at the D8 conference, he sweats with big drops and eventually falls hoodie on stage, between giggles.

2012-present: a captain at the helm

Despite recurrent controversy, Zuckerberg found his voice. Against the advice of his board, he bought Instagram for a billion-a case with hindsight in gold. While Facebook tops a billion users, the IPO is tumultuous, with six first difficult months. But Mark Zuckerberg straightens the cap by making a Facebook business “mobile first” and it pays off: between late 2012 and late 2013, the quarterly sales double to 2.5 billion, and more than 50% revenues come from mobile. 18 months after the introduction Nasdaq, the action is now up 60%. No company had reached the milestone of $ 150 billion as quickly.

“Today, our goal is to tackle bigger problems, such as connecting the remaining five billion people,” often said Zuckerberg. It brought together the leaders of the areas with initiative to deploy Internet at an affordable price in emerging countries. “There, they will use it to decide what type of government they want, access to health insurance for the first time,” he explained to CNN.

Now he says he wants to “help create jobs and businesses in the knowledge economy.” Married to his girlfriend of Harvard, Priscilla Chan, he dines with Obama and Medvedev, is involved in policy on immigration reform and vowed to spend during his life, more than half of his fortune to philanthropy. It began in late 2013 giving a billion dollars to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. 10 years, Facebook began his adolescent phase. At 30, Mark Zuckerberg, he may have become a man

Find the main dates of Mark Zuckerberg in the infographic below.

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