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Five things to know about the new boss of Microsoft, Satya ... - 20minutes.fr

While Microsoft will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, the company had two CEO: co-founder, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Officially selected Tuesday Satya Nadella is the third captain at the helm. It will navigate the turbulent waters, in a strong position on the front of the cloud and businesses but worth the side of the mobile and the general public.

1. He was born in India and studied in the United States

Nadella was born in Hyderabad, India, in 1967. He finished his training as an electrical engineer with a master in the United States and got a job at Sun Microsystems. He joined Microsoft 24 years and runs between Redmond and Chicago every weekend for two and a half years to get his MBA. He is married and father of three children.

2. He climbed the ladder one by one

begins as developer of what became Windows NT. He then navigates through several division: servers and tools, then search Bing, before becoming vice president of the company and Cloud division in 2011. Her baby is the Azure infrastructure, and in particular he pushed for Office an online subscription.

3. He has never run a business

This is one of the points on which he will have to prove, especially against Wall Street. This is despite any teeth at the head of the cloud division / company, which weighs 20 billion, or 25% of Microsoft’s business. And this is the new chairman of board, John Thompson, who will take care of the relationship with investors during the presentation of the quarterly results.

4. This is the anti-Steve Ballmer

Ballmer is hot and, according to legend, sometimes throws chairs. Nadella is quiet and thoughtful. The first is a business man, the second engineer. Bill Gates praises intelligence Nadella and sense of diplomacy, which enabled it to be enjoyed by everyone in the company.

5. He loves cricket and learn every day

He said the cricket, he practiced at the university, taught him “the management of teamwork and leadership.” Tuesday during his first lecture, he repeated that he bought more books he had time to read, and he had a “passion for learning.” He agreed daily online courses, “even for 10 minutes.”

>> The official presentation of Nadella video

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