Sunday, February 23, 2014

Huawei TalkBand, offering mobile technology firm -

Huawei TalkBand, which tenders mobile technology firm

[MWC 2014] Last week a photo was revealed on the internet that suggested that this was the next handheld Huawei? The supply of Huawei’s definitely very different compared to that of Samsung that has decided to keep a little something serious image with the Galaxy and Galaxy Gear 2 Gear Neo, choosing bright colors, perhaps to appeal to younger consumers and fashion victim. During the press conference at MWC Huawei, the mobile device was announced and TalkBand is now official.

Huawei TalkBand, which tenders mobile technology firm

So why

TalkBand? Well if its name does not already betrayed the TalkBand works as a Bluetooth headset and as a “smartband” simultaneously. The Bluetooth headset can leave the strap to allow the wearer to make a call and put it back where it reeprendra its functions smartwatch. In a sense, this will be a great accessory for the MediaPad X1 which seems a bit too large to be used as a phone. The TalkBand has no touch screen, but it can be controlled via a companion app on your smartphone. It will have the IP57 standard for water and dust resistant, a 1.4-inch OLED curved screen, and bracelet also serves as the USB connector. This is definitely an interesting device and if you want, it costs 99 €.


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