Sunday, February 16, 2014

That Google requires Android OEM to get their certification - Boursorama

Ben Edelman, a professor at Harvard Business School, has secured the contract agreement for the distribution of Google mobile applications (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement), or MADA. This document reveals that the Mountain View company requires manufacturers to obtain certification Android. The Wall Street Journal has also seized on official documents on agreements between Google, HTC and Samsung, which clearly confirm that Android is not really an open OS. MADA passed between Google, HTC and Samsung says that the use of Android require manufacturers (OEM) to establish on their mobile all Google services. [Caption id = "attachment_73107" align = "AlignCenter" width = "500"]
What Google requires Android OEM to get their certification

Google requires OEM for certification Android

Document MADA Android revealed by Ben Edelman [/caption] The document indicates where the icons should be placed, such as Google Play to be positioned on the first page of icons. The Android logo is also subject to regulation MADA. OEMs can not, of course preload a code that could potentially affect an application from Google. More surprisingly, to enjoy directory Google Play, manufacturers will preinstall virtually any application on the device with a number of them to be placed on the home screen of the mobile.
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