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Business: In addition to the ads smartphones and tablets, which will be the stars of this year’s MWC in Barcelona opens its doors


departed for the great mass of the mobile phone. The 2014 edition of the Mobile World Congress opens its doors Monday, February 24 in Barcelona and as every year, and this will cover the event through articles throughout the day and our daily video JT made with .

Unlike the two previous editions, the 2014 vintage will be very dense product announcements, especially on the side of high-end smartphones and entry-level. But the terminals are not the only stars of the show. Overview.

Smartphones: the whole world waiting for Samsung and Nokia

Once is not custom, Samsung will benefit from the MWC to present its highly anticipated Galaxy S5. It will be unveiled Monday, February 24 at 20h. This is a homecoming for Samsung. For quite some time, the group (like other large manufacturers) prefer to organize their own events to unveil its most strategic innovations.

But today, the game is a little less easy for the South Korean giant in the field of upscale. Besides Apple, must now rely on Sony and LG who quickly regain market share. Not to mention Nokia and Chinese manufacturers who continue to go upmarket.

S5 is available in two versions. The first would have a 5.25-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display a processor Exynos 5422 octo-core 1.5GHz and 2GB of RAM. We also find 16GB of storage and a camera 16 million pixels.

The second embark a 5.25-inch HD screen with 2560 x 1440 pixels, a quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at 800 2 5 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. Storage to elevate him to 32GB

Both versions will run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and include a fingerprint reader to compete with the Apple ID Touch.

addition of new tablets, Samsung may also unveil the second version of its shows connected Gear that instead of being powered by Android would be by Tizen, the open source OS from MeeGo. By cons it should not count on a smartphone with this OS but the giant could surprise with a new Windows Phone

expectation is also high on the side of Nokia that is emerging with its Lumia but could announce a funny strategic shift with Nokia X Android.

It will use a modified version (a fork ) of Android that will replace the access to Google Play Store by Nokia and propose a suite of applications including Nokia Maps Here and Mix Radio.

We can speak of a “pragmatic” from Microsoft is about to take possession of the mobile industry Nokia approach. Android this option be used to invest in emerging markets by targeting the segment of entry-level Windows Phone devices which can not be aligned due to technical prerequisites identified too.

The other reason is the need for Microsoft to generate the volume to cover the costs involved in innovation race against Apple and Samsung.

side of challengers, the ads will be many side LG that is constantly scrounge market share with the LG Pro 2 Premium (phablet) and the new L-Series mid-range. Sony could also introduce its new flagship, the Z2 together with a new tablet.

It will also count with Chinese manufacturers now well established in the global Top 5, including ZTE which will occupy all market segments (top with Grand Memo II down with the Open C Firefox OS). Not to mention newcomers like Wiko or Kazam .

-War 3rd OS does take place?

In the 2013 edition of MWC, there was much talk of war between the third Windows Phone OS, Firefox or Tizen OS . A year later, the game seems played with Firefox OS stationed in some emerging markets and Tizen little support from operators (Orange announced a terminal we are still waiting particular).

“Space is almost taken but regional differences are strong. Moreover, that habaitants address of the millions who can not afford a smartphone ‘license?” asks for, Jean-Laurent Poitou, Global Head of Strategy and Development for the Telecom sector, Media & Technology Accenture.

-Internet of Things, the revolution continues

Stars the last CES in Las Vegas, connected objects (but wearable accessories, wellness automobile …) will also be at the forefront in Barcelona.

“It appears a multitude of new players who position themselves alongside major players in mobile telephony. A ‘killer-products’ will appear by combining the creativity of developers to appetite for sharing, computing power in the cloud. This is an offer that is based on a technological breakthrough and created a need virally, “says the specialist.

car should also be the focus of discussions with links increasingly close links between manufacturers and operators. “This is to provide differentiating services. If the offer is less advanced than that of wearable, things are moving quickly, there will be a strong battle in the value chain,” said the specialist. The question is whether manufacturers will rely on domestic investment or operating white label services operators.

-Company: the transformation of the industrial tool and Big Data for Customer Relationship

communicating machines (M2M) are growing, especially in the production tool. “New technologies that rely on better processing capabilities help accelerate production and industrial efficiency,” said Jean-Laurent Poitou.

theme of cross-channel customer relationship should also be pregnante with mobile which is becoming more and more like the first support consumer social networks. Solutions web-to-store, targeted advertising, loyalty, CRM will center on ads specialists or generalists such as SAP and IBM.

Big Data will also be on everyone’s lips. “For operators, this is a card to play, they are sitting on a pile of gold. If they address the issue properly, particularly at the level of privacy protection, it is a huge source of income even if it does not offset the declines recorded sales “business, says the specialist.

remind Orange is starting to use anonymous data from its customers to sell economic optimization tools, including the tourism sector.

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