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Triple play: Bouygues Telecom rises suddenly wakes Free Alice ... -

“Snap on fixed”, how this translates in Bouygues Telecom ? The subject is serious, it seems, even solemn.

point that Martin Bouygues speaks during the webcast associated with the presentation of financial results for the group to announce a new offer triple play (broadband Internet, TV, fixed telephony) stamped Bouygues Telecom just below the bar 20 euros monthly. 19.99 euros per month exactly (at least the first year).

This formula 3P mainly concerns geographical regions covered by the unbundling of Bouygues Telecom (5220 NRA for unbundled 24765000 connectable lines in mid-January 2014 according Bbox News)

In his speech

video streaming, the CEO of Bouygues Group believes that the market for fixed Internet is “very fluid.” Therefore, it must be “pushed by innovative offerings.” The boss of Bouygues recognized. Its telecom subsidiary is the smallest player in the fixed (Bbox 2 million customers last statement).

He promises to take root in the fixed way back in “technological innovation in the second quarter of 2014″ and “new offers before the summer.” fiber “who is struggling to take off” should also be involved this year.

Because the new slogan is “restore purchasing power consumer ‘immediately over 150 euros on average per year per client with the new offer to 19.99 euros (or more if the two months free membership for new customers is taken into account). You think you hear Xavier Niel the Offer Free Mobile. No, this is Martin Bouygues who speaks on behalf of Bouygues Telecom.

Bouygues-Telecom-News Bargains

The main points of the new triple play offer for Bouygues Telecom

Table of competitive offerings to support the CEO of the group ensures that the new offer its telecom subsidiary is “out compared to the overall market.”


(Source: Bouygues Telecom, February 26, 2014)

This is an effort on the price to benefit consumers (30% off) but a sacrifice margins at the expense of the operator (“They are not of the order of a luxury as traditionally seen in the area but we will not disclose the level of margin, “explains Martin Bouygues substance).

BFM TV incorporates the evaluation of Exane analysts, citing “financial suicide” offer to 19.99 euros absolve a direct negative margin of -5.1 euros, and that at 25.99 euros (which includes calls to mobiles) would lead to a zero margin.

Bouygues Telecom confirms nothing but the gloomy outlook sets the course: 20% of market share in the fixed to 5 million customers in the fixed. Deadline unfixed but we must go “as soon as possible,” said Martin Bouygues.

it hardly enchants Exchange. Bouygues losing just 0.07% at the end of the session (February 26), but the penalty is harder to loose that Iliad-Free 5.75%

Free: Alice, wake up

Exactly, talking about the favorite enemy of Bouygues Telecom was quick to respond: Free Alice decides to wake up with a bluff. The supply of sleep in the Iliad is brought up to date to taunt bold Bouygues. According Univers Freebox, the rate of the triple play offer Alicebox Initial (TV included) and password to 19.98 euros / month fully unbundled (or 9.99 euros / month partially unbundled). Moreover, this rate decrease, new channels (sometimes including HD) are included in the offer (90 in all).

costs 19.98 euros is not chosen at random. This is a penny cheaper than the new offer Bouygues Telecom. Ah Alice (former property of Telecom Italia France fell into the lap of the Iliad-Free group), we missed you.

“Free, Bouygues ultimate troll face” proclaims Hard not to agree. Back the ITespresso archives, the new Alice has hardly changed over time: in December 2009, Iliad / Free began promoting AliceBox Initial (ADSL fixed telephony and television) to 19.99 euros per month … .

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