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Google buys SlickLogin, an audible authentication mechanism - Clubic

Posted by Guillaume Belfiore Monday, February 17, 2014

SlickLogin company, offering original authentication mechanism, announces site have been acquired by Google. Google

many initiatives in order to end with the words of conventional password. The company is working on a system for Chrome can automatically generate a complex password for storage on its servers without the user having to worry about it. Google has also approached Yubikey for authentication via USB. Finally, and perhaps a little more fancy, the company had raised a pill interfere with signals generated by the stomach acids of a person.


turn SlickLogin has programming interfaces that can be used by any website to offer a new authentication method. The site generates a unique sound inaudible to the human ear. This is then analyzed by a dedicated mobile application. To connect to a Web application on the PC, the user will have to place the phone next to the speaker of the computer. The mobile application then sends a signal to the server of the web application in order to confirm the identity of the user.

The blog TechCrunch reported that SlickLogin also satisfies the geographical position of the smartphone by accessing different sensors of the phone (triangulation WiFi, GPS …). This mechanism could then simplify two-factor authentication now implemented by leading technology companies and is mainly to send a code by SMS or generated via a mobile application.

Incidentally, SlickLogin has a patent for its technology. The amount of the redemption has not been disclosed. Remains to know how Google will implement this solution

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