Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yahoo! France passes under Irish law - The World

Ex-executive at Google, Marissa Mayer holds the reins of Yahoo! since July 2012.

Clearly, this means that the services provided by the company will now be made from Ireland rather than France. Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Weather or FlickR therefore depend Irish law, not French law. According to the American group, these intangible benefits were already carried from Ireland, but depended on the hexagonal law.

Unlike the four giants of the Net – the GAFA, the acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – Yahoo! historically had opted for a regionalization of services. Each delivery depended on the country where it is “consumed”. Although some were made from Ireland or the United States. Obviously it is the past.



If this reorganization process now is because Marissa Mayer, the blonde reached its charismatic head in July 2012, wanted to simplify the organization of the group, with headquarters in large area. For Europe, this is Dublin. “This change reflects the actual will streamline our European teams by collecting” says we at Yahoo! France.

This organizational change will have no impact on the French employees of Yahoo!, provides a spokesman of the company. These will always be about 150. However, there will be change for French users.

If the services are managed from Ireland, they also depend on local legislation. The personal data of users of Yahoo! depend French Irish law provides society. In France, the French law applies when the manager of data processing works in Paris. In Ireland, the protection of personal information is less strict than in France, as in most Anglo-Saxon countries.

tax issue is not absent from this decision. This change in structure and strengthening Ireland could help justify more recharge to the French subsidiary, charges are deducted from taxable income in France.

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