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Catalyst 14.1 available with support Mantle - Clubic

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Expected later in the week, Catalyst 14.1 Beta is finally available after launch for less chaotic. On the menu of this new version of the various improvements and especially the official support of Mantle.

Fans of Battlefield 4, your downloads! AMD offers Catalyst 14.1 Beta with support Mantle, this new API providing access to low-level graphics card. Thought to replace DirectX 11, Mantle is supposed to improve performance and minimize cases where the GPU is constrained by the processor. Battlefield 4 is the only game trade supporting this technology and this was also the purpose of any recent patch posted by DICE.

For the moment, Mantle is available for the following GPU, all being based on the GCN architecture: the R7/R9 Radeon, Radeon HD 7000/8000 and the latest APU A10/A8 7000 series. To measure performance, you need to make a cross on FRAPS, the utility is DirectX and use the measurement tool integrated Battlefield 4. It should be noted that the CrossFire is not supported for the moment, by Mantle. And indicate that AMD Radeon and Radeon HD7000/8000 R9 and R9 280X 270X receive only limited performance gains in Battlefield 4 with Mantle. It was not until the next driver versions for substantial performance improvements for these GPUs.

The new Catalyst drivers, although qu’estampillés Beta, also improve the situation at the Frame Pacing, this tool supposed to improve flow problems encountered with some games. CrossFire configurations (not XDMA) are concerned with the management of 4K screens and EyeFinity without forgetting the Dual Graphics configurations. Dual Graphics is now supported on the latest Kaveri APU, AMD A10-7700/7850K and future A8-7600.

download drivers Catalyst 14.1 Beta is place here.

AMD Mantle Performance

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