Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cygnus, Mars, dreams and stroke: Science Week - BFMTV.COM

If you missed any of the current science and health this week allows you to page a look.

Mission completed . The Cygnus capsule supply, which is separate Tuesday of the International Space Station (ISS) s’ is disintegrated as expected above the Pacific Ocean, after a month in orbit. Cygnus had joined the ISS on January 12. The capsule delivered astronauts to mission 1.2 tons of clothing, food and equipment for conducting experiments.

• Space

forever. The NASA scientists have finally found a explanation for the mysterious appearance a rock near the rover Opportunity March early January. This is actually a piece of a larger rock and moved by a broken wheel Opportunity.

Why some forget their dreams?

Between heaven and earth. A recent study attempted to explain why some of us remember their dreams then that, for others, it is the black hole. To summarize, the great dreamers are more sensitive to external disturbances such as noise, they wake up more often. But it is during phases of awakening the brain stores dreams.

• 60% of stroke victims have a hemorrhagic vitamin C . More important than in the rest of the population rate twice, has unveiled a French study. The study should be presented in detail at the end of April.

• Health forever. The handles recalls that AIDS test kits sold online are not yet approved by the health authorities and are still being evaluated. For the agency, it is advised to not rely for the time than traditional tests.

New jerk in the world of medicine. According to the magazine “prescribe” the main molecule that contains antivomitif widely prescribed “Motilium” is the source of 25 to 123 sudden deaths in 2012. The review calls for a withdrawal from the market of this molecule: domperidone


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