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Private copying: the European Parliament adopted the report Castex and ... -

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The European Parliament has voted in favor of Castex report text to establish a system of fees for Private European scale copy. The document also recommends extending the device to cloud services.
 European Parliament

The Castex report was adopted by the European Parliament. The document presented by the Socialist MEP and supported by rights holders, advocates extending the operation of the private copying to all Member States of the European Union.

The current system is fallible effect since it is not harmonized throughout the EU. It is therefore easy for anyone to acquire a device with a storage capacity in a neighboring country and not pay this fee in France. That is why the report proposes to extend this principle unless a copy of content is not possible due to the presence of DRM.

As a reminder, this fee is levied since 1985 has on each storage medium for digital data. Supposed to be the counterpart of the right to private copy of each, the fee is applied on tablets, smartphones, hard drives etc. …

cloud in focus

The paper also mentions that the “private copying is intended to apply to certain online services, including some services cloud computing ” . Cloud computing is here clearly referred for services utilizing this technology have “ acquired great economic importance, and that the existing system of private copying levy does not take sufficient account of developments characteristics of the digital age , “the report adds.

If the conditions of application of these measures should be detailed, MEP proposes to assess the impact on the system of private copying services using the cloud to store content subject to copyright. Meanwhile, the vote of this text has not moved the lines between right holders and industrial, the first welcoming the measure while others denounce a “ outdated and fundamentally flawed in Europe system.”

The fact is that the position adopted by the European Parliament does not mean that the measures will be implemented, but an argument for the organization in the context of a revision of the directive on the right author. Discussions are also underway on the matter before the European institutions, which will end on March 5.

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