Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sentenced for downloading documents ... found via Google - TF1

A blogger was sentenced Wednesday to 3,000 euro fine for downloading documents Handles (National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labour) found via the search engine Google , his lawyer said Thursday. Blogger, journalist, Olivier Laurelli was convicted of “maintaining fraudulent” in a computer system and flight, but was acquitted of of “fraudulent access in an automated data processing,” according to Mr. Olivier Iteanu, confirming press information.
At trial, the Criminal Court of Créteil had fully acquitted, but the prosecution appealed. The motivations of the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Paris were not available Thursday. “You can be a hacker doing a search on Google and falling on documents that were not to be there,” denounced her lawyer, who regrets a decision “fairly dramatic” in terms of principles. It means that users should check that they are not in the presence of files that should not be accessible by Me Iteanu.
His client, known as the “Bluetouf” on Internet and co-founder of the site information fell on these documents handles while conducting research on Syria. One of the editors of the site had published an article on nano-materials based in particular on the outcomes of the working group of the handles on the “thematic highly technical” who, without being classified as confidential, were not supposed to be available on the internet, according to Mr. Iteanu. Mr. Laurelli download these documents had been due to an error in setting the server hosting the extranet handles. She had filed a complaint, but was not a civil trial. At the hearing before the Court of Appeal, he was confronted face to magistrates who seemed to ignore new technologies. “I quickly realized that I did not have much hope to defend myself properly,” “we do not speak the same language”, has he told AFP. It is likely to appeal in cassation.

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