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Satya Nadella is the new strong man Microsoft . The “Mr cloud” has assumed the role of CEO , replacing Steve Ballmer. His appointment hardly formalized, he took care to send a message to all employees of the firm. Beyond the classic identity card (46 years old, married for 22 years, three children), the new leader of Microsoft mentions a “day tute humility for him,” according to the elements transcribed by Business Insider.

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Bill [Gates] Steve [Ballmer] in different functions. And as I reached the office of CEO, I asked Bill Gates to devote more time to the company, focusing on technology and products, “he says. Satya Nadella know: Microsoft must renew, regenerate. “We have had great success and we want to do more. Our industry does not respect the tradition. It respects only innovation. This is a crucial time for the industry and for Microsoft (…) Our job is to ensure that Microsoft flourish in a mobile world and giving priority to the cloud. “

Satya Nadella

tries to Foresight: “I think, over the decade, computers will become more universal (” ubiquitous “), and ambient intelligent. The co-evolution of software and new hardware form factors will promote mediation and scan many things we do and experience in the business, our lives and our world. “This will be possible by a growing network of connected terminals, incredible computing power from the cloud, the prospects of big data and artificial intelligence. “And we finally found his mantra that fits to Microsoft:” It is a world powered by the software “(” This software has powered world “)


“As we look forward, we need to focus on how Microsoft can help this world. The opportunity to move forward requires an ability to re-invent what we have done in the mobility and clud and achieve new things, “said Satya Nadella, who does not hesitate to quote Oscar Wilde to illustrate his argument on the theme of the challenge: “Man can believe the impossible, but it can never believe the improbable.” While concluding: “It starts with clarity of purpose and the sense of mission that will take us to imagine and deliver the impossible. “

Satya Nadella-microsoft-ceo-Prime-mail-internal

Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, and taking first words to the group’s employees

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