Saturday, February 8, 2014

Google forced to see the punishment of the CNIL on its home page - The World

The home page of Google France and the statement on the sentencing of the CNIL, February 8.

Commission Nationale Informatique and Freedoms Google sentenced Jan. 8 for its fine too vague in the explanations provided to users on the use of their personal data. Google also book by the CNIL, a “unfair collection” information for users without a Google account and ignoring the sites on which they sail transmit information. The conviction was subject to the obligation to publish a decision within eight days of its homepage. “It’s something we’ve never seen , has outraged the Google lawyer, Patrice Spinosi, which ensures that ” Google has always maintained this page [of home] virgin “.

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American group had filed an application for interim relief before the Council of State to avoid this, but was dismissed on February 7 by the judge who reviewed the case. In its judgment, the Conseil d’Etat considered that, contrary to what Google qu’affirmait, the publication of the decision would not be “irreparable harm” to the reputation of the search engine.

However, this decision in no way on the merits of the case, for which Google has filed a second appeal, according to information from Figaro .

side effect of this “first” on the Google home page: the volume of traffic generated to the site of the CNIL was as overloaded servers in the institution for a few hours, as has noticed the blog Korben. This phenomenon, called “Slashdot effect” occurs frequently when high traffic websites refer to smaller places, causing a bottleneck.

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