Thursday, February 6, 2014

Activities transferred Yahoo! Ireland - Mobile Info

to enjoy favorable tax provisions, the various Yahoo! services are now provided in Ireland from 21 March 2014. A technique that has already been deployed in several U.S. digital giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.


In fact, according to an email sent its European users, Africa and the Middle East Yahoo: “From March 21, 2014, our services will be provided from a single European entity based Ireland. This change requires changing our Terms, Conditions of Use Yahoo Communications and our Privacy Policy. Your contract, as a user, and will be transferred to Yahoo! Yahoo! France SAS EMEA Limited. “

A change which particularly affects all sites developed by the U.S. group as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Questions / Answers, Yahoo Contributor Network, Yahoo Toolbar, Yahoo Maps, and the Photo hosting site Flickr.


The major consequences of the transfer of services that Yahoo would no longer respect the French law on personal data protection, but Irish law. The personal data of French users will therefore be placed under the Irish system of protection of privacy, which is still based on the European Directive relating to the protection of personal data. And European subsidiaries will receive only commissions but different charges will be billed from Ireland, like all advertisers who use Google Adwords advertising platform.

According to the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL), represented by Hervé Machi “If a company could choose the law under which it operates, it would be too easy. French law applies from the time the data controller works in France. “

Let’s hope that with this change, our personal data will remain undamaged.

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