Saturday, February 22, 2014

WhatsApp is experiencing a global outage - Le Figaro

Three days after his redemption price of gold by the Facebook social network, the mobile messaging service WhatsApp was down yesterday, a problem that seemed affected users around the world. On his Twitter account, beset by complaints of subscribers, WhatsApp recognized in a succinct message that he had problems.

‘Sorry we currently have server problems. We hope that everything will start shortly, “wrote the group. Launching the WhatsApp application of its smartphone, it was impossible to connect and access their conversations. It was impossible to send or receive messages.

WhatsApp has not indicated how long the outage would last or when it began. According speculation relayed on his own Twitter account, the One explanation was that the application was a victim of its success since its spectacular redemption.

servers were not prepared for large crowds. Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp were not contactable by midday Saturday.

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