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Mozilla announced it will sponsor the Firefox home (maj) screen - Clubic

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The Mozilla Foundation announces the establishment of a new source of income: investment sponsored websites every time you open a new tab

At. Currently, the Mozilla Foundation derives the majority – 90% – of its revenue through its partnership with Google. Of the $ 311 million generated in 2012, sponsored links search engine weigh 274 million dollars. The agreement is in place until November 2014. Assuming it is not renewed, the foundation seeks to gain more autonomy.

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A new source of revenue

On its official blog, the foundation said it had initiated the establishment of a new program called Directory Tiles . The idea is to sponsor the proposed content to user to open a new tab. Currently, it returns the most visited websites. However, first start the software, it is empty. Directory Tile will propose suggestions preconfigured to users running the browser for the first time.

Darren Herman, Vice President of Content Services division at Mozilla, explains that some of these suggestions ” are popular sites in a specific geo-localized area, while others will come and sponsored manually selected supporting the cause of Mozilla “partners. The foundation added that indicate precisely sponsored vignettes.

between privacy and publicity

However, Mozilla is located in a rather delicate situation facing the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the organization responsible for overseeing advertising players on the Internet. The foundation was initially criticized decisions for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and is enabled by default Do Not Track to block cookies and avoid ad targeting. However last year, Mozilla has more or less followed suit to the editor of Redmond explaining that the cookies were not visited by the user will be automatically blocked third-party sites.

Faced with this turn of events, the IAB stated that this decision “ affects a significant portion of the advertising industry online and challenges of this sector initiatives for more information and consumer choice ” . The agency also pointed out “ the positive role of online advertising that helps pay for content, services and applications that users benefit cost .”

Ironically c is at the annual conference of IAB that Mozilla has announced this new project.

It remains to know a little more about Tile Directory. If thumbnails appear sponsored the first start, what will he next? Sponsors will they be mixed to websites frequently visited? These vignettes they appear even if the user configures Firefox outset his account to synchronize browsing history? We contacted Mozilla to learn more

Interviewed by us, a spokesman Mozilla confirms that the mechanism will be active only for new installations of Firefox.

When the user has a sufficient history navigation that can enable the algorithm to determine the Firefox favorite sites Tiles Directory is replaced with more relevant content. It usually takes 30-45 days for most new users.

Mozilla adds that the browsing history is stored only within the client-side browser. “ This means that there is no connection between the data stored in the accounts (Firefox) and Tiles Directory .” In addition Firefox accounts would not have research data.

Article originally published on 12.02.2014

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