Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sony will close its eReaders market in North America - Digital Zone

February 9, 2014


announced the elimination of 5,000 jobs in the world and the reorganization of its TV division, Sony announced it would close its Reader Store on the North American market. Sony has entered into a commercial agreement with Kobo that will retrieve existing accounts.

Sony has sold its PC division to fund Vaio Japan Industrial Partners. The CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, said the TV division will be transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary to the organization of this activity is more effective, dynamic and adapted to the competitive environment. He also recently announced that 5,000 jobs were threatened in the world with 1500 in Japan and 3500 overseas.

Now we learn that the group would abandon the procurement reading lamps on the North American market.
Sony eReaders electronic

Sony eReaders electronic

His eBook located in the United States and Canada market will be taken over by the Canadian group Kobo on 24 March 2014. Accounts will be transferred to Kobo, a company that has a catalog of 4 million e-books. The Japanese group found itself in a highly competitive market with reading lights. Apple, Amazon and Google groups have nearly all market share electronic books. Sony is restructuring and does not set his reading lights as a priority. In the hexagon, its products are still sold on its website and the group did not release more. Sony has, for the time indicated, in an email to North American users “be sorry to say goodbye to the Reader Store,” the name of his shop. It also states that U.S. and Canadian customers will be transferred to Kobo.

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