Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 will be a good year for retailers, thanks to … –

Despite the difficult economic conditions and austerity measures announced, the Quebec Retail Council is optimistic for the coming year.

The CEO of the organization, Leopold Turgeon, agrees that some 100 000 jobs lost in Quebec in 2014, combined with austerity measures could lead to a drop in consumption. But he said retailers have many ways to “get out winners.”

Mr. Turgeon believes that retailers can use new technologies such as “levers” to be more creative in their sales, not only in the domestic but also foreign market.

He noted that the Canadian dollar at 85 cents US can have negative consequences, but also very positive with respect to exports.

If they want to expand their territory, retailers only “appropriate technology,” adds Leopold Turgeon.

According to him, no matter what they have to sell, it is necessary that retailers be where consumers are either on their tablet or phone.

MR. Turgeon positively sees the arrival of the largest retailers in Quebec on these new platforms and believes that the coming years will be favorable to retailers that will provide online shopping experience for their customers.

Despite the difficult economic environment several points of view, 2014 was beyond expectations for the retail trade in Quebec. Sales were up 3.5 percent compared to 2013, when the Quebec Retail Council had planned an increase of only one percent.


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