Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CES 2015 French sauce Tech – The Digital World

The international exhibition of high-tech officially opens its doors today. This year, the trend “Frenchie” seems to be confirmed since France is the fourth most represented country in terms of exhibitors. A confirmation that start-ups can also find inspiration in France.

CES 2015 at the French and figures, this represents 115 exhibitors and as many innovative and high-tech looking to impose their model of innovation internationally. Among the big names already known to the general public, the ultra diverse actor Parrot, historical sound and touch pad Archos, services seeking to differentiate itself as the Post Office and newcomers very “Apple friendly” as Withings .

But the real motto this year is “iot” Internet of Things. But on this particular chart, the French start-up apparently have great ideas to win. In the village dedicated to them at CES, the French start-up and represent the second international presence after the United States.

The French Tech denies any manipulation or “cheating” government to impose French companies. € 15 million have been released by the French Tech and the Ministry of the economy, but will be fully dedicated to the communication of the organization.

Government support motivating

In addition to start-ups and other exhibitors and journalists sent there to represent France, the government itself has in any case wished to be present at this global event. Thus, a delegation including the Minister of Economy and Digital Emmanuel Macron and current Secretary of State for Digital Axelle Lemaire made the trip to support the French designers.

The government already pushed momentum by Fleur Pellerin during the 2014 fits into an overall strategy to support innovation and the digital to the French. The political climate is therefore intended particularly positive and motivating for specialized startups. The trend is in favor of this global effort since the previous year, “only” 90 French companies were able to present at CES.

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