Monday, January 5, 2015

New technologies in 2015 – The Scout Chateaubriant

The Wood Energy

Also in the agricultural world, 2015 will see the rise of another renewable energy: the wood of the grove. The implementation for two years of wood boilers in communities (Chateaubriant, Nozay) gives value to this production long neglected.

For now, most of the fuel used comes from outside the country of Chateaubriant. But in 2015, we could see this process to be reversed: groups organize to exploit, process and store wood, which opens up a new source of income for local farmers


The turbines

wind farms are planned or under construction everywhere. But often it’s not going alone: ​​even if their opinion was not worth making, municipal councils as Ruffigné Pouancé, Le Pin, voted against

Elsewhere, for example Jans. to Coësmes to Soulvache to Armaillé, these are people who protest and launch petitions. However, these oppositions often resemble the struggle of the earthen pot against the iron pot. In 2015, we have not seen the last of the giant masts rising above the countries of Chateaubriant.

In contrast, the wind farm energy fairies in Martigné-Ferchaud makes unanimously. It is true that the formula is original: it is a SAS (simplified joint stock company) which groups of individuals, and plays up the consultation with local residents

The suite L’Eclaireur January 3


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