Thursday, January 8, 2015

Widespread adoption of new management technologies … –

ForgeRock Inc. has revealed its forecasts for 2015 in technology. The company expects an increase in demand for identity platforms capable of scalability and flexibility to meet the important needs related to the identities of the devices, partners and customers, in addition to employees. The identity is becoming increasingly critical in the digital economy because it protects consumer privacy while improving the visibility of companies on the preferences of their customers. These are then able to offer new services and new opportunities for involvement that stimulate sales, customer loyalty and increase brand value

ForgeRock announces four forecasts for 2015.

1. The old AMI Software (Identity and Access Management, Identity Management and Access) will be replaced by more flexible and scalable identity management solutions to meet the need of organizations to adapt to the digital market.
 Designed for simpler times, the old identity management systems use static rules to determine who (or what) you are and what you (or object) can do. The traditional IAM is also limited in terms of capacity to thousands of users. The organizations did what they could to expand the utility of these systems, but in 2015, we expect to see most of them reach the limit of this incremental approach and recognize that managing identities more flexible and scalable is both a fundamental requirement in the digital market and an essential part of business agility. We expect a massive migration of organizations that spend IAM systems to MRI platforms to monitor the growth of their user base line and exploit the advantages of mob ile technology and cloud and the opportunities of the Internet of Things. In 2015, organizations will seek more flexible and scalable solutions to compensate for the shortcomings of traditional solutions, offering shared patterns of identity throughout the company, a single customer profile for each user, reusable processes, independent architecture of the device, a knowledge of the context for decision-making and more sophisticated support for millions of identities across the Internet.

2. Managing customer-centric digital identities stimulate innovation and revenue growth, providing a competitive advantage to those who have passed.
 Scalability and flexibility are already basic requirements for the mass adoption of innovative Internet products and services. In 2015, we will see the main organizations turn to identity-oriented customers to better differentiate their products and services in a market increasingly dense. They will use the identity to transform and personalize the user experience so that, for example, a car connected to remember the preferences of each driver, a financial services portal offers customers a convenient overview of all activities and from all accounts in one place, and to allow wearables technologies – fitness sensors to smart shoes – to offer a wide range of custom features to support individual user goals

<. strong> 3. Contextual clues of identity greatly improve online security.
 More than a billion passwords were stolen. Even complex passwords can be hacked relatively easily. Individuals and companies are therefore wary of increasing online security issues, which could significantly slow the growth of digital products and services. We expect that MRI will help meet this challenge and become an integral part of any robust multilayer security model. Contextual clues in real time associated with identifying information will help organizations better decide when to grant access, and with what permissions. Therefore, when the system detects a connection attempt with correct credentials, but since an unrecognized IP address or an unusual time of day, it triggers additional safety precautions, such as by placing security issues or by sending verification code to the mobile phone of a user.

4. Adoption by commercial open source identity solutions business will develop.
 The identity management functionality becoming a part of growing importance in the supply of products or services of an organization, companies will want to ensure participation in the development process. In 2015, the number of advanced companies will not accept the lack of transparency of proprietary software identity management. But they will not be provided ready to let grow their digital business in the hands of an open-source code that have not yet been proven in a professional context. We expect that in 2015 companies will opt for the hybrid approach management systems open source business identities. They will be able to influence the design of their platforms identities while benefiting from the support and confidence that can offer proprietary software, including performance and critical quality of software licenses, 24/7 support and legal compensation.

About ForgeRock
 ForgeRock, one of identity sellers the fastest growing in the world, provides the main platform for open identity for placing customers at the center of digital life, it goes through a laptop , mobile phone, tablet, connected vehicle, ready-to-wear clothing for health care equipment, devices connected to home or the next big innovation connected. ForgeRock Identity Platform supports the creation of solutions for many public sector organizations and many of the largest companies in the world. Founded in 2010, the management team of ForgeRock combines decades of experience in the software industry and includes legends and innovative open source, which have attracted investors from many leaders of venture capital in the world, including Accel Partners, Foundation Capital and Meritech Capital.


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