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Android Day: new technologies presented to students – MCE Ma Chaine Student

May 28, 2014 at 19:40

The Android Day event organized by the MMSE, allows students to discover in preview the new technologies <- end . single-video ->

On May 15, students from the engineering specialization of mobile applications MMSE , Senior Computer Engineering School, organized the second edition of the MMSE Android Day . To discover more of the latest advances in technologies and applications to Android this day was to.

A day dedicated to new technologies

Several workshops and various conferences have furnished the afternoon of May 15 For “novices” in the field, they were able to learn some tips on applications and attend conferences orchestrated by professionals. Nokia , Sophiacom , Octo Technology , Mobile Wallet , many companies present to come to the front of the new generation, but also present new ways of working that develop in new technologies.

Among the students, hiding perhaps future students of these large companies . This is the second year that this day is born and the rooms are attic. A real success for the organizers but also for the school. Students are seeking this kind of events, it can lower the barrier between the professional world and training. A day that allows them to immerse themselves in the concrete. Students of the school but also the general public was able to attend this day as an opportunity for the school to make themselves known.

Before the last workshop of the day, up to the delivery of prizes a small contest held during the day: the students had to create a voluntary applications to find cafes less than one euro in Paris
this second edition of the Android Day ended with a lighthouse workshop. presentation of famous Google Glass , eyeglasses high-tech giant Google, the students had the chance to test preview

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