Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fontevraud Abbey. History of new technologies – Ouest-France

Who manages the abbey?

Exceptional agreement binds the state, which remains the owner of the premises, and the regional council that accompanies the renovation of heritage and cultural animation manages the place.

Is the purpose of the Region to fund the work of the hotel, which will open in late May, and manage live?

sought private investors, but as it is a public property of the State it is not possible to make a commercial lease. We decided to finance investment and ensure the operation. We contribute to the development of tourism and economic activity

How do you deal with the weight of history

There are rules of law.?’s Facilities and renovations are subject to the chief architect of historical monuments, which provides an architectural warranty and the assurance that the work does not disqualify the place. The interior of the hotel, designed by architect Patrick Jouin (see also page 8) and is inspired by the history and spirit of the place, while placing it in a contemporary use, with all new communication technologies.

The cultural component is it visible tip of the iceberg?

culture remains the essential function of the abbey including gastronomy , tourism, viticulture, etc.The abbey is it a laboratory for sustainable development It is the only historic monument where a wood boiler of this magnitude was installed to clean the entire property, generate substantial savings, and allow also host exhibitions of plastic arts tapestry and preserving works. We also have solar panels … And I dream to be installed on the roofs of the abbey, to further integrate new technologies heritage.

The show

you rêveriez to welcome Fontevraud Abbey?

Rather a milestone in national vocation, which would extend the existing cultural events in the territory, in the spirit of the Missing Link in Laval or Crazy day in Nantes.

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