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The French are fond of new technologies. And you … – Fredzone

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France is not only the paradise of pastries, cheese and wine, it is also the new Eldorado for fans of new technologies. In any case, what is the result of a study conducted by Crucial in partnership with OpinionWay and Le Journal du Geek. 77% of French actually be of interest to all these electronic products are now part of our daily lives. The best is yet to come as the specialist high-speed storage is not stayed there and has the opportunity to run a computer “geekiness” to help users discover their technological profile.

From the results of this study, 66% of French appreciate new technologies, but 11% are completely crazy. Nice score, right? Yes, but not everything is rosy and some of our fellow citizens (22%) could not care less of everything that relates to this topic. Worst 1% of the population even vouerait fierce hatred of all that is approaching near and far to a computer, a smartphone or even a tablet.

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So of course, all the French do not have the same face compared to high-tech products. In fact, the study also revealed the existence of multiple profiles and more precisely five distinct groups:

expert (9%): He is passionate he spends his life on his computer and he averaged nine products at home. Even he loves to talk about him to evangelize the masses

  • social (29%). There is not complicated, it is the guy who spends his life giving advice to everyone relying on blogs, forums and social networks of the moment
  • prudent (26%). It has nothing against new technologies, but is wary still a bit because he does not understand everything. Generally, beginners wishing to improve are placed in this category
  • pragmatic (25%). He does not know what field, and he is the both complicated and changing. That said, he really wants to improve, without emptying his bank account
  • anti-geek (11%). He hates both new technologies and Geeks. If he could, he would even cut the power of our internet cable box. This obviously does not prevent it from having the basic equipment.
  • Some of you may be in which category they are asking. If this is your case, then you can go on imagined by Crucial, a test that is available at this address test. You simply answer a few questions to know the fraternity to which you belong.

    To end on a note a little more serious, and because it is very good news, well aware that High-Tech products are no longer the preserve of the upper classes. In reality, they are considerably democratised in France over the years.

    Finally, note that this study is based on the testimony of 1,002 user aged 18 and over. This panel has been carefully selected to reflect as closely as possible the French population.

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