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New IBM Cloud technologies make analytics more … –

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IBM announces a set of solutions to support leaders in making informed through information collected in real time on many strategic issues, regardless of the place where decisions time. The notion of “pervasive analytical” becomes a daily reality by making Big Data technologies & Analytics more accessible, easy to use and available to all employees everywhere and at any time.

More and more organizations are turning to Big Data & Analytics to generate profit and growth. Because companies are exploring data sources both internal and external, the need for analysis of value-added data at all levels has become paramount. Gartner expects Analytics will be used by 50% of employees in 2014. By 2020, this figure will reach 75%.

Despite the rise of Analytics, organizations still difficult to analyze the data in real time and provide the means for better decisions and faster actions implementing appropriate by more players in the organization.

is at its Vision conference held this week, IBM announced a new software available on the cloud which puts the analysis and use of data in the hands of a greater number of professionals. These new solutions include:

– Analytical offers now available on IBM Cloud Marketplace that allows you to manage the increasing volume and complexity of processes and tasks. This solution supports employees more mobile, and stresses the importance of collaboration in Social Networks (CSR) as an integral part of the decision

-. A new analytical tool discovery and visualization that allows users to interact visually and apply advanced data analyzes become available to everyone without needing the skills of a data scientist

-. management software risk and governance available SoftLayer as a “Managed Service” that allows companies to develop a comprehensive strategy for compliance and risk management in many areas.

These announcements underscore the commitment IBM to provide organizations with a broad portfolio of solutions & Big Data Analytics that meets all their needs. With over $ 24 billion invested in Big Data Analytics and through R & D and numerous acquisitions since 2005, IBM continues to engage in? Its mission to help businesses realize the enormous amount of digital data from enterprise data bases, sensors, smartphones, internet, social networks etc..

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