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Art and New Technologies 1 Call for papers: Poetic … – Fabula

Art and New Technologies # 1

Call for papers: Poetic data ANT Review | Art and New Technologies

Editorial Direction: Mathilde Chénin Florent Di Bartolo, Pierre Vialle

Editorial Board: Jeff Guess, Julie Morel, Julien Prévieux

First issue led by Mathilde Chénin and Florent Di Bartolo

Releases in Spring 2015

ANT is a new section on relationships between art, science, and digital technology review. The review aims to ensure the publication of quality items, a high degree of clarity and accessibility, written not only by researchers but also by artists and art critics. By the translation of scientific articles, it also aims to ensure the dissemination of texts recently published and considered important in relation to the subjects.

For the first issue, entitled Poetic data The ANT review will focus primarily on literature on the analysis of artistic devices:

– using algorithms to process, organize and provide access to data

– resulting in the creation of collections of objects, knowledge base

– engaging their audience in an act of collective creation

– providing a visualization of data (textual, visual and sound).

Articles (maximum 25,000 characters including spaces) will also address data visualization in the field of arts, history, characteristics and possible specificities, or, its relationship with other disciplines.

Proposals for Article (maximum 500 words) should be sent before 28 July 2014 with a short biographical at the following address:.

The receipt of each proposal will lead to an acknowledgment by email. All proposals submitted by the deadline will be evaluated by the selection committee.

In addition to the articles, the journal will incorporate visuals provided that they are in good standing with the legislation on the rights of copyright, image rights and broadcasting rights.

Selection Procedure

The reading committee will select abstracts selected and give its response to the latest 1 November 2014 .

The full article written in French should be sent by the authors by email on 28 February 2015 last time.

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