Sunday, June 8, 2014

Customs Administration – morning


: June 6, 2014 – Hafsa Sakhi THE MORNING

A new application, available from the internet portal of the Customs for the consultation of the customs situation vehicles temporarily imported into Morocco

Anxious to facilitate access to information, the Department of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) has developed an online service for checking the status of their vehicles.

“The ADII informs Moroccans World and foreign tourists who have visited Morocco they can now check online if they have a dependent vehicle whose situation has not been corrected for customs purposes (Temporary Admission not cleared), “says the Administration.

So, a new application is now available from the internet portal of Customs (” “). This allows users to view, based on the identifier of the person concerned (CIN or No. composter) and / or the registration number of the car, (or) temporary admissions (AT) recorded their dependents.

“The goal is to better inform users and enable them, where appropriate, to regularize their situation before returning to Morocco, thereby contributing to the improvement of their welcome and customs clearance, “says the ADII. And insist. “Information displayed via the aforementioned application are given for information only and for personal use”

Administration and notify users in case where information would be considered incorrect, a claim form may be served online

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