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New technologies cheating – Time to Algeria

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New technologies cheating

needed to Ms. Benghebrit, the new and controversial Minister Education tell us that this year the cases of cheating tray were very few notes to measure happiness. As for us “reassure” it was actually not that different than that, she even felt obliged to seek the lexicon hardwood to express his satisfaction that the “copying” on an industrial scale which is getting used is now a distant memory.

From Bouira where she had chosen to kick off events, she launched pathetic: “There was certainly fraud but they were isolated cases”! It was therefore necessary that fraud is a rule rather than an exception. Or whether, for that matter, systematic, so that was offended beyond measure. It is not known if the Minister of Education wanted to suggest, among other things, that the “low level” of fraud … got this year is the fact of his “warning” as pathetic as the rest, launched a week before the start of examination, in which case we rigolerait a good shot.

As just laugh candidates face the ridiculous anti-fraud that is supposed to dissuade device. Can prevent them from having a cell phone in your pocket or socks exactly the same way that prevents supporters to return the smoke in football stadiums. But it is the Council of schools of Algiers (CLA) to handily win the prize for humor and pathos together.

In denouncing fraud in its own way, the union provides a sounding much less exciting than the general supervision and that of the official discourse that wants to convince us once again that everything is place in the best conditions in the world, “even if there has been some small irregularities in some examination centers.” Not only it evokes cheating on a different scale, but it still sticks a little more nail up to speak of “sophisticated means,” suggesting that matter, our candidates are far from the end of their creative genius.

And the fact that they-still-operated with much success is not only due to their high-tech logistics. There has therefore been complacency, threats, fear and a laissez-faire above that supervisors brave stung by the terrifying ordeal last year.

“It (fraud, ed) was observed in most centers by using undetectable to the naked eye sophisticated technological means of communication. Many teachers have been attacked or insulted leaving exam centers and no cover was made to them once the review is completed, “we read in the press release of CLA.

This union itself refers to “the cheating that took place in the prison of Oum El Bouaghi” where “criminal acts have taken place with the consent of the prison administration and the passive and sometimes active complicity of the secretariat of the examination center designated by the Department of Education. ”

And this new episode of fraud in a prison is emblematic of the actual situation. Social peace is always a central concern of governments that lack credibility too much to assert the authority of the State. They buy in ordinary examination centers where candidates are expected to be subjected to a promotion or a prison where candidates had access by passing a second insertion luck.

Slimane Laouari

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