Sunday, June 8, 2014

E3: what to expect from the presentation of Sony? – Le Parisien

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action games big budget indie of experiences and a hint of new technologies should be discussed during the presentation on the PlayStation scene Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 Los Angeles, June 9 to 18.

should hear about “ DriveClub “, play very slick race to be released in October on PlayStation 4 ( with a year late), but also as a historical adventure “The Order 1886″, available early 2015, in direct competition with the upcoming “Gears of War” Microsoft Xbox.
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Other title announced in 2013 that should speak of him again this year, “ Uncharted 4 ” while “ The Last of Us ” big hit on PlayStation 3 arrives on the 4 end of 2014.

In addition, “ Destiny ” the highly anticipated new developer Bungie (“Halo”) the franchise has made a habit of talking to her at events PlayStation (even if the game will also be released on Xbox). With a launch planned for September, it could once again enjoy the E3 for the last round of promotional track.

Also, Ubisoft chose each year to present exclusive aspects of the series ” Assassin’s Creed “under the auspices of PlayStation, so why not a taste of” Assassin’s Creed: Unity “this year

Other Spotlights,? “ Project Beast ” could be part of. This track exclusively on PlayStation is in line with the very cult “Dark Souls.”

The virtual reality helmet created by Sony, called Project Morpheus could be one of great material presentations of this edition, as the streaming service PlayStation Now.

The presentation PlayStation E3 press start 18h June 9 in Los Angeles (3h in Paris). It will be broadcast live via, and Spike TV. The channel / playstation in resume highlights thereafter.

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