Saturday, June 7, 2014

New technologies in Formula 1 – Autonet

Since 2006, Formula 1 had not made major changes to these applications. There has been nose cars and tires, but these innovations were intended as additional security measures by changing tire suppliers. However, the 2014 season brings profound changes in many aspects.

class=”MsoNormal”> outset, the strident V8 engine gives way to turbocharged V6. This engine is no stranger to fans, but the obligation to use it is a great novelty. So the V8 2.4L air is forgotten. The new turbo V6 1.6 L offers a limitation of the engine speed 15 000 rev / min. In addition, the power of 750 hp is lowered to 600 hp. This new rule reduces consumption by nearly 40%.

class=”MsoNormal”> On the other hand, gearboxes spend July to August reports. It is also known famous braking energy that pilots used in overtaking recovery systems. This year, F1 must be equipped with an evolving technology with KERS recovers the braking energy, but also the turbocharger. Last year, drivers took advantage of an additional 80 hp for 6 seconds. This year it is 160 hp for 33 seconds that extra HP is available.

class=”MsoNormal”> In terms of consumption, cars can receive a maximum weight of 100 kg of fuel by race. They did not have this constraint last year. The average fuel consumed per race last year was around 160kg. The minimum weight of the cars and drivers pass 642-690 kilograms.

class=”MsoNormal”> The other great feature of these changes is in terms of exhaust. One output is allowed now and the last segment must point upward to prevent gas give an aerodynamic benefit. But the sound is also reduced. You can find there! The height of the nose is also lowered for reasons of safety in case of collision. Height changes from 550 mm to 185 mm.

class=”MsoNormal”> Finally, the size of the fins is also reviewed and corrected. The front wing is narrower while the base of the rear spoiler is removed and the reduced surface

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