Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New technologies: some ideas for dads who have been … – La Voix du Nord

TS522 Radio Cubo D + class = “macro” displayname = “MVDN_FLECHE_DROITE” name = “z_sym_arrow_right”> The legendary radio sixties is back on stage! Designed in the 1960s by designer Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, the radio “cube Brionvega TS502″ is back with more advanced models retaining the features that made its success: bright colors, carefully selected materials, ergonomics and a cubic design. The TS522 D + combines the main features of the original radio in ABS with an alarm clock, an infrared remote control and Bluetooth for easy connection the cube radio to a smartphone or PC

Price: between 230 and 300 €


Audiofly AF45 class = “macro” displayname = “MVDN_FLECHE_DROITE” name = “z_sym_arrow_right”> Remain in the retro spirit with these headphones. They have a 1.2m cable high quality Audioflex integrating technology: the cable is braided to avoid interference. It is wrapped in Cordura fabric for durability. For each of its headphones, Audiofly offers four sizes of ear tips in high quality silicone to provide good sound insulation

Price: 70 €

Movow Swarovski & MV6000-SW. MV3000-SW class = “macro” displayname = “MVDN_FLECHE_DROITE” name = “z_sym_arrow_right”> That’s a gift idea for nomads and stylish dads … and for those who have forgotten Mother’s Day. This battery is, in fact, available in different colors, pink, white, blue or black. Technically, it is a Li-Ion battery with Panasonic capacity from 3000 mAh to 6000 mAh. Finishing LED is made of zirconium Swarovski

Price: MV3000-SW, 49, 99 €; MV6000-SW, 69, 99 €.

Pioneer SE-MX9 class = “macro” displayname = “MVDN_FLECHE_DROITE” name = “z_sym_arrow_right”> It is in the chic with this supra-aural headphones, otherwise in foil with copper finish. The speakers are derived from professional model HDJ-2000. The pads are made of leather with good sound insulation. The single-sided cord is detachable and can be connected left or right ear for more freedom. Function Control & Talk is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Nothing however for WindowsPhone … Two cords of different lengths, depending on its use, come

Price: € 299

Leica T class =” macro “displayname =” MVDN_FLECHE_DROITE “name =” z_sym_arrow_right “> Must remember that Leica is a mark of excellence, exclusive? Clearly, this is very expensive. But also excellent, particularly for optical. The latest hybrid of the German mark, objectives and interchangeable covers, is designed in a block of aluminum, with a touch screen and an integrated Wi-Fi module. The range includes four goals and 20 accessories. An adapter ring to mount any optical Leica M. range class = “macro” displayname = “esp” name = “esp “> class = “macro” displayname = “CHIP” name = “bullet”>

Price: Leica T anodized silver, € 1,500.

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