Monday, June 2, 2014

Seniors connected to new technologies – Our Time

All lights are green to say that older people are increasingly connected! One in two people over age 55 have a smartphone and a tablet in three, according to the Observatory at your AXA announced May 26, 2014 service. Then finish it with the belief senior overtaken by new technologies!

In fact, total nearly 60% of people over 55 have a “mobile terminal” , that is to say either a smartphone or a tablet for their . accessing the Internet, against 75% of those interviewed

On social networks, seniors also mark their presence: 58% are on Facebook, 18% on Google Plus ., and 13% on Twitter

When purchasing products or services , the group of over 55 follows the movement of the consultation opinions of online users: they are 86% do so, even if they do less and less often than younger people.

What worries do you when you have more than 55? From become his personal data! According to AXA Observatory is one of the main concerns of people with no dependent children, as well as health, addiction or succession.

Similarly, for all respondents, all ages, the protection of personal data is the fourth source of general concern : 54% consider it a “concern” and 32% as “a concern not a concern.” Taxation, budget management and control of household energy budget are ranked in the top 3 concerns of households.

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