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Christmas 2014: new technologies dusting of the toys … –

Traditional toys “2.0″ were on the rise. While Thomas Le Paul, head of Smoby Toys, welcomes the need for children to continue to play with “physical games,” the old toys “modernized are indeed part of the” hits “this Christmas 2014: a flying fairy with sensors, interactive plush are among the best sellers this year. In mid-December, Furby Boom Flying Fairy rank as the two best sellers in La Grande Recre and JouéClub indicate the two main distribution channels in France toys toys they have in common.. combine the world of traditional toy and the new technologies

Furby Boom is in fact, an interactive plush mix between a rodent and an owl that is reminiscent of the kind Mogwai film “Gremlins” . He had his heyday in the late 90s, before returning to the front of the stage in a modernized version, for interacting with the animal via a smartphone app and tablet.

The Flying Fairy , already out of stock at several dealers, resurrects the princess figurine of old, via motion sensors that allow the child to fly with a simple hand movement.

“Christmas Toys have always been a mixture of traditional games that are found consistently year after year”

“The Christmas toys have always been a mixture of traditional games that are found consistently year after year, and new developments and innovations. But the last two years, there is a growing marriage of these two trends “, notes Franck Mathais, sales manager at the Great Récré.

And this year, if the traditional Playmobil or Operation are still in their original version from best sellers for Christmas are mostly connected games and toys that monopolize the top spots. “The classic toy are somehow sublimated by new technologies, who provide more realism and allow better interaction with the child” says Mathais.

The arrival of increasingly massive toys associated with smartphones or tablets, such as Furby Boom or doll Cayla who speaks “for real”, also to broaden the scope activity and extend the gaming experience to new media which are particularly fond of the new generations, he said.

+ 20% for interactive toys

Drones Version 2.0 of good old C helicopter of yesteryear, is also selling very well, says one in JouéClub.

According to the NPD, interactive toys and jumped 20 % this year in sales in France and this trend is expected to continue for the end of year festivities. Licensed games have registered an increase of 8% since the beginning of the year, and account for almost a quarter of the sector’s turnover, says NDP.

“best approached as -sellers for Christmas 2014, may also be mentioned: the dinosaur Dino Zoom Spin Master , a lively and roaring dinosaur, monster Xeno ( Preziosi), (…) Mip robot balance which is directed with the hand (Silverlit), not to mention the birds whistling in harmony, the Digibirds and Pets Live Kanai Little Kids “ says the research firm.

In the same vein, the board game Chronobomb , introduced as the “first dyed action game augmented reality” , is now found in the store, and sometimes sold several hundred dollars on the internet

Another big success announced this Christmas 2014. revisited games and toys from the world of licenses. The fashion dolls, Elsa and Anna , inspired by the Disney cartoon “The Snow Queen” appear for several weeks in the top 5 sales for toy retailers French, as well as in supermarkets like Casino.

Even success for Lego Chima , which revisit the famous brand building games with the animated drawing universe “The Legend of Chima” .

Classic that also appeal to parents!

These classics have the merit to please both parents, who often themselves have played with the product, and children, who find the codes of their favorite TV or movie programs. “For Christmas, there is refocusing on strong values, in a spirit” cocooning “and reassuring, which allows the whole family gather around a single game “, it is argued in Casino.

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