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New technologies: a goldmine for cybercriminals – JDN

The emergence of new technologies, more and more embedded in everyday life, is considered a blessing for many sectors, including health.

This evolution of society towards a fully connected world also opens up new opportunities for a community of hackers and other cyber criminals whose scope is of considerable magnitude over the technological discoveries.

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A report IPSA (Internet Security Association of Professionals) was interested in a recent practice, yet already democratized in society: illegal live streaming. Entitled “ Illegal Streaming and Cyber ​​Security Risks: A dangerous status
“, it highlights the emergence of a parallel market live streaming exceeding all forecasts, it has already attracted millions of users around the world through its free , has also become the new favorite playground of all types cybercriminals.
Flight data hostage of personal records, Trojans, etc … The study of IPSA said that if the user while viewing an illegal live streaming video is completely passive, the computer remains active and many things can happen under his nose without his idea. If it is not so surprising to see this phenomenon emerge, the importance that took the live streaming in the vast world of cybercrime shows its rapidly changing.
Technology is re ally developed than in recent years, and already hackers web stormed the area. At the point of becoming the main players now able to create their own illegal live streaming sites free only to catch their web surfers who do not suspect anything. True champion class of evolution, cybercriminals adapt very quickly to new technology developments, and even sometimes ahead. The acclaimed connected society today has advantages – for energy, health, etc. – But it is also a veritable Pandora’s box, expanding the scope of potential hackers.


payphones pacemakers,
 the infinite power of cybercriminals

If the
 amount of virus and Trojan horses today is about one million
 and constantly growing, cybercrime is a relatively new sector
 whose youth makes its development all the more impressive. The
 first steps of cybercrime in fact date from just 44, when
 certain John Draper discovered that it was possible to connect for free
 the AT & lines; T of public payphones by emitting a sound
 2600Hz. The man, who will later nicknamed Cap’n Crunch, he has rendered
 account with a whistle won in a package of the same name cereals. It will
 wait until 1986 to see the creation of the first computer virus, Brain, capable of infecting a computer and
 1987 to see Jerusalem, a virus
 able to infect, but also destroy a system. Worms
 Trojans, discoveries are linked to this period and each
 new year has its share of new forms of cybercrime.
From 1989 to 1991, the number of viruses in circ ulation is multiplied by 33, from about 30 to more than 1 000. While the Internet is beginning to democratize , cybercriminals are organized and begin to glimpse the infinite possibilities that are available to them.
In 1994, Vladimir Levin produced the first electronic flight magnitude. He steals $ 10 million to Citibank before being arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. It opens up a whole new kind of robbery without physical violence or chase. If Cybercrime has grown as the Internet was taking its brands in society, she was previously an activity reserved for a few individuals, little media coverage. The late 90s completely change the situation while hacking tools ready for use are broadcast in self-service on the Web. Cybercrime is then accessible to all, regardless of age or skill, and piracy is entering a new era. And as more and more everyday objects should be scanned, the power of hackers gaining momentum.
When Breakpoint Congress in 2012, B arnaby Jack, computer security expert at IO Active, demonstrates the least worrisome: located a few meters from a pacemaker, it shows that it is possible to send multiple electric shocks to the device from your computer.
discharges of 830 volts, can cause a heart attack the pacemaker wearer. A year earlier, Barnaby Jack had also proved it was possible to hack a remote insulin pump and inject a lethal dose to the patient. Should sacrificing these technologies? When it comes to medical equipment that saves lives every day, the question is obviously not arise, but there is a true reflection to lead on the development of key technologies far from our everyday life and black hats to benefit more than the user.


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