Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New technologies: 3D life through Pau company – The Republic of the Pyrenees

Never play will have been more serious. Based in Pau airport, Effects Techniques performs 3D animation, augmented reality or 3D printing, and any solution to the incredible world of the third dimension. And some of these solutions are unique to this day in the world!

The case begins with the meeting of two characters as passionate as complementary. “Curious Student Standing everything,” Jean-Michel Lopez, 60 years old, an already busy life that led management to communication through training, governance, advice or support of businesses. On the other, Sébastien Heuzé, 38, who went to him turner-milling business to create 3D images through the industrial design or technical illustration. It was he who founded in 2003. Techniques Effects “I started using highly technical data consultancies to make communication tools or training in 3D,” he says.

Installation and distance learning

“Sebastian showed me a tour of Pau in 3D with an avatar. It blew me away! “dropoff window recalls Jean-Michel Lopez. Without any other input their own money, the two men are launched. “What sets us apart is that we know what a bolt, a pipe, a chart, a plan. From rather unreadable, it is almost mainstream product. It is the same job as the animated films but to the industry. This is called “serious games” serious game “summarize the two accomplices.

It’s hard to describe what these men As we are in another world. This is the 3D image of a pump that can assemble, disassemble the mouse almost playfully. This is 3D printing parts to test before machining. This is the virtual creation of a building, a structure such that it will once built. And many things that have earned the small business to get the price of the internal communication of Total in 2009 and 2011. “With this tool, you can do an Airbus or factory! We can show, train, act distance and live “, they explain

Do everything in town from his computer

Other creation – this one in the world – the first born 3D Internet platform imagination Sebastian Heuzé. Not only with my avatar, I can visit Pau and Lourdes as if I was there, but with internet connections, I can share with others, have access to information from the city, buy in a store, read the latest News from our newspaper site … It’s totally awesome. And will appeal to more than one community, more than one city … “We have everything under one roof,” says Jean-Michel Lopez.

bluffing too augmented reality. I am in front of the computer screen with a picture of a car. With a program created by Effects Techniques, the car appears to me in 3D, can be operated and run on the table, I can turn in all directions, open the doors, the handle … “One can enter into a TGV room “, play the two men. Like spectators fleeing the theater during the screening of “The arrival of La Ciotat Station by train”, the first film of the Lumière brothers, the techniques developed by Effects Techniques definitely send us into a new world …

► A customer could not be more serious

The technologies developed Effects Techniques interest at the highest point of the industrial area. Touch, test, test an object before it is created, it is what makes 3D technology. Companies like Total, Safran, Airbus, Socata, Decathlon, Mulliez (Auchan group) were seduced by the openings offered by Pau SMEs. But smaller companies, such as fishing reels manufacturer Bam, or architects, communities, cities are also interested. For example, the city of Pau will show the future Les Halles, the future bus network or any other project in virtual reality. Sales of small business was 180 000 in 2013.


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