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New technologies: the 10 trends that will explode in 2015 – South West


nternet, smartphones, tablets … We are increasingly connected. And consumers expect that to continue. According to a study Ericsson ConsumerLab ten trends will grow significantly between 2015 and 2020. They are:

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“In 2011, 83% of consumers watching many weekly television and only 61% used the video on demand. This behavior change, “says the observatory. Already, three-quarters of viewers watch videos on demand. And “2015 will be a historic year in that we will look mostly streaming content that linear television.”

2. The house useful

Since we are more increasingly connected, it becomes logical that the house is too. Half of consumers would like in particular to equip detectors alerting during electrical incident, water leakage etc. Why not get on their smartphones guidance on possible fridge temperature change or when a household member enters or leaves.

3. Communicate with the thought

This is perhaps the most “science fiction” trend. 40% of consumers would love to use clothing and / or accessories connected that can directly transmit their thoughts / feelings to others. Two thirds even think that it will be running in 2020 …

4. Citizens ‘intelligent’

Understanding over there “informed in real time” of all that is traffic on the roads, energy consumption and quality of water, air, presence of recycling centers etc. In short, 70% of consumers believe that this kind of apps would allow them to adopt a more ecological and economic behavior.

5. The sharing economy

Share your fridge, car rent, lend his apartment in exchange for that of someone else etc. Many new ways to consume that can save money. And half of smartphone users feel that sharing the economy will grow more and more. A kind of barter logged in short.

6. The virtual wallet

Species? Exceeded. If the credit card still has a bright future ahead, 48% of consumers would rather use their smartphone to pay. Since they are already used to do just about everything else. Moreover, among the followers of payment via their phone, 80% expect not at all possess good old portfolio by 2020.

7. Protecting information

In the field of new technologies, data collection is like the sinews of war. Consumers are becoming more aware and would love more effectively protect their own. To begin with, 47% would prefer that their personal information will not be transmitted automatically and inevitably in electronic payments. The future is up to the data encryption programs.

8. Health connected

Apps for measuring performance during a jog, pedometers, accessories measuring the number of calories dishes etc. Consumers believe that these technologies can help them live longer and healthier. They should therefore be more acclaimed.

9. Household robots

What better way to unload the hardest chores and spend her free time more rewarding activities as laundry, cleaning or cooking (everyone does not have to love to cook)? By 2020, almost everyone will have at least one food processor, says the study. Some even would push up the vice invest in a robot able to keep them company …

10. Children connected to everything …

For the younger, internet is part of the world. So much so that 46% of respondents are convinced that babies born with tablets will expect growing up that all objects are connected.


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