Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New technologies: the use of smartphones and tablets … – Life publique.fr

The Research Centre for the study and observation of living conditions (Credoc) published the results of its annual survey on the dissemination of information technologies and communication in French company in December 2014.

2014 was marked by strong dissemination of touch pads (29% of individuals equipped, +12 points in 2014 after +9 points in 2013) and smartphones (46% of equipment, +7 points in 2014 after +10 points in 2013). Uses related to the smartphone internet also increased: Internet browsing (43% of the entire population, +6 points), email checking (36%, +6 points), downloading apps (36 %, +7 points). In addition, more than one in four French people (28%) uses geolocation on his smartphone to find a restaurant, a bar, a museum or a shop.

In contrast, rate of television equipment (97% of the French), fixed telephone (90%), mobile phone (89%), computer (82%) or home internet offline smartphone (82%) have very weakly evolve over the past year (between -1 and +1). The proportion of Internet users (connected at home or work or smartphone, etc.) was also little changed (83%, +1 point), as well as some uses: social networks (48%, +3 points), listening and downloading music (47%, -2 points), job search (24%, -1 point), administrative and fiscal procedures (51%, as in 2013), purchase by internet (54%, -1 point) .

As for television programs, the television remains the preferred equipment to watch the programs live or replay. For video on demand or streaming, the computer is little more demand than television. In total, 54% of French only use the television, 22% are divided between TV and computer. The use of more sophisticated equipment (mobile phone touch pad) is less frequent



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